Worldpath Email Migration

On January 31, 2017, we moved Worldpath email customers to a new, faster, and better system.

We migrated to the new platform to allow more functionality for basic email, while implementing modern standards for email security, and a better spam detection system. In short, the new system is faster, redundant, and more secure, with numerous monitoring services to prevent security problems.

Following are some detailed FAQs.

Why did we migrate the email service?

The Worldpath system was created more than 10 years ago, and the hardware and software running the email service were not up to 21st century email standards. The software was too old to be upgraded.

The new platform allows more functionality for basic email while implementing modern security standards.

What changed?

  • Mailboxes are limited to 1 GB of total space.
  • As a security feature, a limited number of emails per hour will mitigate attempts to compromise accounts.
  • Stronger password security was implemented, making accounts harder to hack.
  • The new system has a single and much better spam detection interface, with no additional logins or websites.
  • To prevent spamming, senders are limited on number of emails sent. Customers needing to send hundreds of emails should use a bulk mail service. The following bulk mail specialists show up on most top 10 lists:  MailChimp, Constant Contact, iContact, Campaigner. Oxford Networks is phasing out its bulk email services and expect those to be discontinued before the end of 2017.

The rest of the changes are technical in nature. In short, the new system is faster, redundant, and far more secure.

Will I lose my old emails?

No, but if you want to keep them, you will need to import them into the new system manually. The process is simple, but can be time consuming. You must complete this process by February 28, 2017. After that all emails on the old server will be permanently deleted. Directions to move your emails are in our Resource Center under Helpful User Guides: WorldPath Mailbox Migration

Only your Inbox can be migrated. We were unable to migrate contacts or any other data from the old mail server.

Will my password change?

Yes. Virtually all the passwords on the old system did not meet minimum security requirements (8 characters minimum; at least 1 each of upper case, lower case, characters and numbers). An email with your new password was sent on January 26, 2017. Please keep a copy of that email in a safe place so that you can access your new email account. If you were not required to change your password, you were also notified by email on January 26.

You can change your password from the web portal. Click on the gears in the lower left(Settings). Then My Settings >> Account Settings >> User tab.

If you did not receive or did not save that email, please call our technical support staff (24/7) at 855-229-7464 and choose option 4.

Can I still access my email from the internet?

Yes, here: The old portal will redirect to the new site at least for a few months. The new interface is much more modern looking and has several additional features.

The old web interface and the emails contained will not be accessible after migration. The only way to retrieve your old email will be to manually import them.

Will my old email application still work?

That depends. In all cases, you will need to change the incoming and outgoing mail server names and ports. Configuration directions are in our Resource Center under Helpful User Guides: WorldPath Email Configuration FAQs

The following are the applications that are supported: Windows Mail, Gmail, Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail. The email apps on Android and Apple smartphones can also be used.

What happened to the old spam dashboard?

The old system is not accessible to users and any email there cannot be released.

Spam filtering is integrated with the new system. Messages that might be spam can be delivered to your Junk E-mail folder. You can adjust your spam filtering settings from Settings  >> Filtering >> Spam Filtering. There are 3 tabs and the actions are straightforward.

What if I have a Lakes Region email with or a Monad email address with

The LR.NET and MONAD.NET emails and domains are being retired. We expect to release the domains sometime later this year. We are unable notify customers when those domains are released.

Users will be unable to send mail to those domains beginning January 31, 2017. There are absolutely no exceptions.

We can set up a temporary forwarder. Forwarding will automatically stop on March 1, 2017. To request a forwarder, please call our technical support staff (24/7) at 855-229-7464 and choose option 4. Until a forwarder is set up, or if there is no forwarder, a sender will receive an “undeliverable” bounce back. When those bounce backs will be generated is dependent upon the settings on the sending email server and are not under the control of Oxford Networks.