Trouble & Repair Service Procedures for former BayRing Business Customers

Effective August 18th, 2016

Primary Trouble Reporting Line: 855-229-7464 or 603-766-1000 (24 x 7)

In the coming months Oxford Networks will be working to consolidate the support functions of the combined Oxford Networks/BayRing organization. At the end of these consolidation efforts there will be a single process for trouble reporting and escalations across the entire organization. During this interim period, as we work to transition to a single unified support structure, Oxford will continue to maintain separate trouble reporting and escalation processes for the two organizations.

Please follow these procedures to report a trouble with one of the services or circuits provided by Oxford Networks/BayRing. Please note that contacting our Repair Department directly at the above number is the best way to ensure a quick response to your trouble.

1.) During regular business hours 7 AM to 5:00 PM (M-F) and 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM on Saturday, the Oxford Networks/BayRing Repair Department will handle all trouble calls that come in on the repair line (855-229-7464 or 603-766-1000). After business hours, there will be a live technician to answer your call 24/7 who will track the trouble & notify the correct department needing to investigate the reported service affecting issue.

2.) The Repair Technician will initiate a trouble ticket by taking the following information from the customer: Circuit ID, Originating and Terminating locations, customer Contact Name, working Call-back Telephone Number and a Detailed Description of the problem.

3.) The Repair Technician will troubleshoot the problem and will coordinate the dispatch of a Field Services technician to the customer premises if it is determined that a site visit is necessary to correct the issue and the customer contact can arrange access.

4.) The Field Services Technician will evaluate the problem and, if it appears to be an Oxford Networks / BayRing problem, the technician will correct the problem and notify the Repair Technician to close the trouble ticket.

5.) When the trouble is resolved, the Repair Technician will close the ticket and contact the customer. If the problem cannot be resolved right away, the ticket will remain open pending further research and troubleshooting.

6.) If it is determined that the problem is with another carrier’s circuit, the Repair Technician will coordinate the opening of a trouble ticket with the appropriate carrier and notify the customer regularly of the status.

7.) NOTE: Please keep a note of your trouble ticket number for further follow-up.

Escalation Procedure:

If you feel you are not receiving adequate response to your trouble, please re-contact the Oxford Networks / BayRing Repair Department and ask them to escalate the problem to their immediate supervisor. You may also escalate with the names and contacts listed below if you feel your ticket is not getting adequate attention.

Escalation List for Trouble/Outage Support

Level 1 – Repair/NOC Department 1-855-229-7464 or 603-766-1000 (24 x 7)

If you are not receiving service to your satisfaction, please escalate to the following:

Level 2 – Jeffrey Royal: Repair/NOC Manager

  • Office 603-766-1459
  • Cell 603-812-7627

Please allow 15 minutes for a response, if none then proceed to next level of escalation

Level 3 – Mark VanLoan: VP of Customer Support

  • Office 207-333-3837
  • Cell 207-740-8109

Please allow 15 minutes for a response, if none then proceed to next level of escalation

Level 4 – Mike Tompkins: Executive VP of Operations

  • Office 207-333-3460

Please allow 15 minutes for a response, if none then proceed to next level of escalation

Craig Gunderson: President & CEO

  • Office 207-333-3451