Traditional Voice

At Oxford Networks we listen to understand your telecommunication needs now and for the future. As your telecommunications partner, Oxford Networks brings your organization the technical resources you need to compete locally, nationally or globally.

With Oxford Networks Business OPTIONS™ you get just that – options. Local, long distance, Toll Free Calling, T1, PRI, MPLS, whatever your telecommunication need we can create just the right solution for you.

Long Distance Telephone

Easy to understand and simple to budget for, Oxford Networks Long Distance Calling Plans help you connect with customers and grow your business regardless of distance.

With Oxford Networks Long Distance, you get competitive pricing, superb customer service, and a dedicated team of professionals assigned to your account to help answer any questions you may have. Span the globe with Oxford Networks Long Distance.

Dedicated Long Distance can save your company money through circuit efficiencies and by segregating call traffic between local and long distance. Integrated toll and circuit solutions are also available. Dedicated Long Distance is perfect for companies with multiple locations or a high volume of long distance calling.


Can’t make it to your meeting? Oxford Networks is pleased to provide specialized conference calling to our customers.

From small impromptu meetings to large scale events, our complete conferencing services are perfectly tailored to meet your business communication needs.

Reservationless PLUS

When you need to host weekly recurring meetings or organize a last minute meeting, our Reservationless-Plus conferencing efficiently allows you to bring people together to help you meet your business objectives and succeed.

Reservationless-Plus is a reliable solution that does not require reservations or operators. You have the ability to control your conference commands with a touch of a button from your telephone keypad. You receive customizable features and can select from English, Spanish or Portuguese for your system prompts. In addition, you may use the Teleconferencing Center to manage your account and conference calls online.

Operator Assisted

Successful, high-profile conferences don’t just happen. They require countless hours of planning and relentless attention to detail. If you’re in the hot seat, managing a high-profile conference is a high-stakes, high-stress assignment. There’s a great deal at risk: content details, participant management, speaker preparation and follow-up.

These events need to be executed flawlessly in order to ensure their success. From large-scale investor relations calls to small board-of-directors meetings, and everything in between, count on us to work with you step-by-step, providing the help you need before, during and after your conference.

Calling Features

Oxford Networks offers a variety of calling features to help you manage your busy life. From Call Waiting to Voice Mail to Three Way Calling and more, Oxford Networks calling features provide the telecommunications OPTIONS™ you need.

Just click on each feature below to learn more. See the Calling Features User Guide to the right for detailed instructions.

Call an Oxford Networks Customer Service Representative today to find out more – 1-800-520-9911


Today managing multiple communication devices requires support. Oxford Networks’ Voice Mail feature is just that. Reliable, easy to navigate and there when you can’t be, Oxford Networks Voice Mail is a must-have as part of your telecommunications service.

Call Waiting

Call Waiting gives you an alert tone if you’re on the phone, letting you know there is another call waiting for you. It is an easy-to-use feature for people who juggle friends, family and commitments every day. Whether you are a busy parent or are staying connected to the world, don’t waste time and effort , order Call Waiting today!

Three-Way Calling

Three-Way Calling is a very useful feature that allows you to bring a third caller into a conversation at any point during a call. No special equipment is needed. A change of plans is no problem with three-way calling. Bring everyone together on the phone and get the new plan settled right then and there. You can make plans on the fly or just bring friends together again, three-way calling is there to make it happen for you.

Call Forward

This feature lets you temporarily transfer your incoming calls automatically to another telephone number.

Call Forward, No Answer

Call Forward No Answer allows you to send all in-coming calls to another number, and make out-going calls at the same time. With this flexible, time-saving feature you can program your system to forward calls to another number after any number of rings on your primary phone so you will never miss an important call.  Mobile phone, camp phone, voicemail – you determine when and where your calls land.

Call Forward Busy

This feature allows all incoming calls to be forwarded automatically to another number if your line is busy.

Automatic Call Back

A time saver and a multi-tasker’s dream come true, Automatic Call Back is essential to reach those hard to reach people. This feature acts like a personal assistant and keeps on checking to see if that busy line is free – and calls you back when it becomes available! Try it today and you will wonder how you ever lived without it.

Call Return

A missed call is just a couple of keys away. No need to rely on caller ID or accessing call logs. Use call return to quickly respond to those calls you missed. Take that extra minute to safely get to the phone.

Caller ID with Name

Today’s fast paced home and business environment often forces us to prioritize everything that we do. Caller ID with Name helps you to quickly determine if an incoming phone call is the call you have been waiting for, an unexpected call from a spouse or child, or a less time sensitive issue. Determining which calls get immediate attention and which ones are allowed to go to voice mail allows you to focus on critical issues and make better decisions throughout your busy day.

Distinctive Ringing

You have it happen all the time; the phone rings, you jump up to answer it and then play detective to locate the person who should have answered it! This feature makes this “dance” a thing of the past. Distinctive ringing is an ingenious little feature, so simple yet so powerful. Program a special ringtone for another member of the family and enter up to 32 of the most common callers for that family member. If your spouse gets called (all the time!) by their parents, their best buddy, and the local charity they volunteer with; simply program those numbers into their list and whenever they call, the “Spouse” ringtone will let everyone know who the call is for.

Sit back and let it go to voice mail, or answer it if they aren’t around…. You choose. This is a great feature to pair up with the family voice mail box. Each family member gets their own mailbox, check your own messages without having to scroll through the rest of the family messages, what a great combo!

Call Waiting ID

With the use of the Caller ID device, allows you to see the name and number of most incoming calls while you are already on the phone. Caller ID and Call Waiting charges also apply. (Not available in all areas.)

Anonymous Call Rejection

Lets you avoid incoming calls marked “anonymous” or “private”. These calls will be forwarded to an announcement that suggests the caller unblock their line and redial their number. To unblock the line, press *82 and then dial the number.

Selective Call Forwarding

Selecting Call Forwarding lets you choose which calls should be forwarded when you are away from home or office. Only calls from numbers on your Selective Call Forwarding special list will forward.

Selective Call Acceptance

Selective Call Acceptance will automatically allow you to receive calls only from the numbers on the Selective Call Acceptance list you have created (32 phone number maximum). When Selective Call Acceptance is turned on, all other callers will hear a voice recording that you are not accepting calls at this time.

Selective Call Rejection

Selective Call Rejection will automatically block incoming calls from any of the numbers on the Call Rejection list that you have created (32 phone numbers maximum). A rejected caller will hear an announcement that you’re not accepting calls at this time. All other calls will ring through as usual.

Note: Rejected callers will be able to place calls through an operator or from other telephones not on your Selective Call Rejection list.

Customer Originated Call Trace

When you receive a harassing call, you can dial a simple code to trace the source of that call for the telephone company.

Per Call Blocking

By dialing a code before you place a call, you can prevent your number from appearing on the Caller ID display of the person receiving your call.

Select A Ring

Select-A-Ring from Oxford Networks lets you have two phone numbers with different ringing patterns on a single phone line. It makes sharing a phone with roommates, kids, or your home office easier because you’ll always know who the phone is for just by the way it rings. And if you subscribe to Call Waiting, the distinctive ringing pattern will identify incoming calls as well. Select-A-Ring is a lowcost alternative to adding another line.

It’s for Everyone With Select-A-Ring, you never have to drop what you are doing to answer a call that isn’t for you. And each number has its own separate directory listing, so everyone will know how to reach you.

Remote Call Forwarding

Have a telephone number, which can be in a different town, which dials your existing number… all automatically. Remote Call Forwarding customers receive a one line listing in the white pages. Business Remote Call Forwarding customers receive a free yellow page listing. Remote Call Forwarding allows you to receive calls from your customers that live in another town without the expense of having a dedicated WATS line or Foreign Exchange line. Toll calls from the Remote Call Forwarding exchanges to the terminating exchange are billed at the applicable direct dialed rate. Subject to availability