Referral Program

When was the last time one of your vendors rewarded you?

Become an Oxford Networker!

1) Recommend us to a fellow business (your law office, your accountant, your ad agency).

2) Once they are invoiced, you get a $50 Cash Card

3) Your referral gets a $50 Cash Card and superior service from a Great Maine Company!

Oxford Networker Program Rules

1. Enrollment. Enrollment in the Oxford Networker referral program is voluntary. By referring a company to Oxford Networks and by submitting a Oxford Networker Enrollment Form, Referral Partner is enrolled in the program upon acceptance by Oxford Networks and agrees to comply with the terms and conditions set forth herein and will receive referral fee as specified in the Program description and/or this Agreement.

2. Qualified Lead. To qualify for referral compensation, the referred entity must be an entity that is not or has not been an Oxford Networks customer or an Oxford Networks prospect customer that is already listed on the Oxford Networks billing system, customer relationship management system or other information systems.

3. Compensation Scope and Schedule. Partners that refer qualified prospects to Oxford Networks will be eligible to receive a $50 Cash Gift Card if the Qualified Lead becomes an Oxford Networks customer.

4. The Referral Partner must submit an Oxford Networker lead form for any qualified lead referred to Oxford Networks in order to receive compensation.  Referral Partners will not be paid for any sales submitted without a lead form. The Referral Compensation will be paid out within sixty (60) days after the referred entity is installed.

5. Eligibility. Oxford Networks staff and their relatives are not eligible to be a Referral Partner.

6. Term. The Term of this Agreement shall commence upon Referral Partner’s enrollment in the program and continue until terminated by either party.  There is no minimum number of leads required to remain in the program.

7. Modification. At its sole discretion, Oxford Networks may modify the terms and conditions specified in this Agreement at any time, by posting a new agreement on the Oxford Networks website. Modifications may include, but not limited to, changes of Referral Compensation scope and payout schedules and Program rules and description. REFERRAL PARTNER’S CONTINUED PARTICIPATION IN THE PROGRAM FOLLOWING OXFORD NETWORKS POSTING OF THE NEW AGREEMENT ON ITS WEBSITE WILL CONSTITUTE BINDING ACCEPTANCE OF CHANGES AND THE NEW AGREEMENT IN ITS ENTIRETY. IF REFERRAL PARTNER DOES NOT AGREE WITH ANY MODIFICATION, THE ONLY RECOURSE IS TO TERMINATE THIS AGREEMENT.