Products Overview

Cloud / Data Center

  • Physical and virtual security
  • Managed upgrades and support
  • Guaranteed resources for processor, memory and disk based on your needs
  • Inherent platform stability designed for high-availability computing and storage
  • Guaranteed Input/Output Operations per Second (IOPS) to meet various levels of performance requirements
  • Client-focused support you won’t find by working with other cloud computing providers

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  • 2,000-route-mile high-capacity fiber optic network spanning from Bangor to Boston
  • Access to nearly 50,000 commercial buildings and major hub data centers throughout New England
  • 10 gig Ethernet backbone, coupled with our FTTP networks, provide you with scalable, redundant, and reliable network connectivity
  • Network flexibility with connection upgrades in hours not days

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Business Internet

  • Fiber optic network from Bangor to Boston
  • 10 Gig Ethernet backbone
  • Large scale Fiber to the Premise (FTTP) network brings redundancy and reliability to all of our Internet services
  • 10 Megabits to 10 Gigabits flexible network allows your connection to be upgraded in a matter of hours
  • Business packages are customized ranging between 512k/512k and 10Gb/10Gb

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