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Oxford Networks: An Award Winning Company

Oxford Networks named Business of the Year, Presidents Award Winner and Best Places to Work in the past six months

Lewiston, Maine – In the last six months Oxford Networks has been named Business of the Year by the Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce, a President’s Award Winner by the Kennebec Valley Chamber of Commerce and for the fifth year in a row a Best Places to Work company by the Society of Human Resource Managers.  For the 111 year old telecommunications company the recognition is rewarding.

“I have worked in the telecommunications industry for a number of companies across this country, and I couldn’t be more proud of the team at Oxford Networks.  Our employees do an amazing job for our customers and, as such, it is very rewarding to see them being recognized for what they have been able to accomplish,” said Craig Gunderson, Oxford Networks’ president and CEO.

The 111 year start-up, as Gunderson likes to call the company, has re-invented itself in the last ten years by investing in cutting edge telecommunications technology, creating a company culture that embraces innovation, and expanding its service area across the state of Maine, through New Hampshire and into Massachusetts.

According to Oxford Networks’ Director of Network Operations, Mark Van Loan, the decision to embrace change and the new technology was a risk that has paid off for the company.

“The company really had a vision about ten years ago, and they went out on a limb and started building fiber networks, the first company in Maine to do that.  At the time it seemed insane, but it was a calculated risk that has paid off and positioned the company for the future.”

Not only has the company invested in technology for the future, it has invested in its company culture, its employees, and the communities it serves.

Being named a Best Places to Work company for five straight years means a lot to Dawna Hannan, Oxford Networks’ director of External Affairs, Human Resources and Customer Satisfaction.

“In the past ten years, we have worked very hard to create a company culture that empowers our employees, rewards them for their hard work, and positions us for future growth.  Through the Best Places to Work program, our employees are given a very comprehensive survey asking for their input on what it is like to work at Oxford Networks.  The fact that we score very high in various categories validates the company culture we try to create at the company.”

While the awards are nice, ultimately, says Gunderson, it is about meeting the needs of customers that matters most.

“Our team at Oxford Networks is a creative group of entrepreneurs that work very hard to serve the telecommunication needs of our customers and to be good corporate citizens.  I am so proud of our team and all that they have accomplished this year.”