Layer 3 Multipoint WAN (MPLS)

MPLS that’s reliable, scalable, flexible

Oxford Networks’ MPLS offering (Multi-Protocol Labeling Switching) is a completely private, flexible IP based network solution. Layer 3 WAN (MPLS) combines the communications flexibility of the Internet with the inherent security and quality of traditional private line data communications.

The major benefit of a Layer 3 WAN (MPLS) service is the ability to offer different performance levels and prioritization based upon the type of traffic entering the network. This means delay-sensitive applications such as VoIP, video, Citrix, SAP or Oracle takes priority over traditional non-delay-sensitive data.

Our service is provided via Oxford Networks’ state-of-the-art, 10-Gigabit IP network. Port speeds are based upon customer requirements starting at 384Kbps and can be increased up to 5 Gigabits. Oxford Networks’ Layer 3 WAN (MPLS) network combines all the attributes a network should offer — security, reliability, scalability and flexibility — to provide a dynamic solution for your organization. Public IP security threats are minimized, since our network does not traverse the Internet.

Why use MPLS?

Oxford Networks’ MPLS solution is an efficient, secure and cost-effective way to transmit your digital information from any location on your network to other locations. Our growing FTTP network is positioned to meet your current and evolving network requirements including the emerging service demands such as VOIP and video. We can deliver these services to you via Intranet or Extranet.

The Layer 3 WAN connection creates a virtual private connection between all your locations allowing you to exchange any type of information, data, voice or video with packet prioritization as desired, eliminating the costly hub and spoke network topology of old. MPLS provides a cost-effective, secure and reliable communications infrastructure between all of your locations.


State-of-the-art IP network, 9 Nodes within Maine
  • All of your sites are connected via our secure, private network
Optimize the performance of time-sensitive traffic like VOIP, video or business critical applications
  • Guaranteed network performance to ensure packet exchange and application efficiency
More cost effective bandwidth options, greater coverage capabilities, lower total cost of ownership

Service Features:

  • 10 Gigabit IP backbone network
  • Any-to-any connectivity

Quality of Service (QoS) Options –

4 queues with 1 being a priority queue
Comprehensive SLAs
  • Supports multiple access types