Web Hosting and Email Migration FAQs

Who will be impacted? How will this affect me?

Anyone who is currently using Bluetie, Plesk, and WorldPath, as well as clients of BayRing communications who are on cPanel, will all be migrated to our secure Oxford Networks cloud.

How do I know what platform I have?

You should have received communication informing you of the migration, and indicating what platform or platforms you have.

Will my services change?

In general yes. In nearly all cases, you will end up with more data space, many more features and greater self-service ability. All the new features and additional space are included at no additional cost.

When will these changes take place?

Migration began in October 2016. We anticipate completion in January 2017.

What do I need to do to prepare?

  • Find your credentials for your registrar and make sure you can change the name servers for your domain. They must be changed within 2 weeks of the migration or your email and website will cease functioning.
  • Inform your web designer of the migration. If there is a problem with your website functionality beyond your home page, only your web designer will be able to troubleshoot. Oxford Networks does not have web development support.
  • If you believe your website migration may be problematic, we can schedule a pre-migration and give you access to test it.
  • Clean up your email. Delete old emails. Delete old email user accounts (use forwarders instead but don’t forget to set an expiration date).
  • Remove old files and especially databases from your website. For example, consider deleting the 2008 version of your website that is still being stored “just in case.”

What do I have to do?

Exactly what you must do and in what order is dependent upon the services we provide.

  • All customers will be required to change the main account password. This will be done by phone with a member of our migration team within 24 hours of your migration.
  • Make your DNS zone changes or change your name servers. Determine how you host your DNS with Oxford Networks. Go to the website: Whois. Enter your domain into the search box. If the Name Server is in the following list, you use an Oxford Networks name server. Follow the appropriate directions in the next questions.
  • If you use our email service, you must reconfigure your email client application – Outlook, Thunderbird, etc. Your system or email administrator can retrieve those from the cPanel administrative site via web browser at www.YourDomain.com\cpanel. Details are elsewhere on the page. The migration team can send you these but you should not change your email client until after the migration is complete.
  • If we host your website, you must make sure your website is fully functional and have your web developer make any necessary repairs. While Oxford Networks will work with your web developer to make sure our servers have the necessary plugins and services running, we will not be able to make any changes to your web pages.

I use an Oxford Networks name server, what do I need to do?

You will need to point your domain to the new authoritative name servers after the migration. The migration team will send you these via email in advance of your migration. You must make that change with your domain registrar within 10 days of the migration. Oxford Networks does not have domain registration service and cannot make these changes for you.
During the migration process, Oxford Networks will make all the necessary changes to your DNS zone file on both the old and new name servers. This should minimize your down time. Prior to the migration, we will change your TTL to 2 hours on the old name server to help minimize your down time.

I am not using an Oxford Networks name server, what must I do?

If you do not use Oxford Networks name servers, the migration team will provide the new records to you by email. You will need to make those changes to your zone at the time of migration. Until those changes are made and have time to propagate, your website will be down and/or you will be unable to send and receive email. You may wish to temporarily change your TTL to a lower value a few days prior to your migration. We suggest 1 hour.

You will be required to change some A and CNAM records if you use our web hosting. If you use our email then there will be changes to CNAM, MX and SPF records you must make. These changes must be made with whomever hosts your DNS. Oxford Networks cannot make these changes for you.

If you wish to use the Oxford Networks name servers, please contact our migration team well in advance of your migration to begin the process.

Will I lose my old emails, contacts and mailing lists?

For current cPanel users, no. For Bluetie users, we expect to be able to migrate your email to the new servers. POP clients will retain contact lists and contacts. For IMAP, if syncing, contact data will be lost and only email still on the server will be preserved.

How large can my emails be?

The maximum total size for an individual email is 25MB including attachments and the message itself. The maximum number of attachments to an email is 100 but the 25MB limit still applies.

How many emails can I send?

You can have up to 50 recipients in an email message.

In order to minimize our risk of having the email server blacklisted and having all emails fail, each domain has an independent maximum number of emails per hour based upon the number of users. In addition, the mail server has a hard limit per hour as well. The actual number is dependent upon each customer’s email provisioning. Contact the migration team for specifics.

Can I do bulk emailing?

No. Bulk mail can cause email blacklists; thus we do not allow bulk email through our servers. If you attempt to exceed the hourly limit for your domain, all of your emails will begin to fail.

Additionally, we do not allow the use of bulk email applications that use our servers for email relay.

The following bulk mail specialists show up on most top 10 lists: MailChimp, ConstantContact, iContact, Campaigner

What about email relays?

You can use your email accounts and the server to relay. However, you will be bound to the limits set up for your domain. These limits are specific to your domain.
We do not allow unauthenticated relay.

If I had SSH access before, can I still access it?

No. Due to security reasons, we are no longer allowing SSH access to our servers.

How do I get the settings for my email app on my PC or phone?

Each business will have unique settings. Your system or email administrator can retrieve those from the cPanel administrative site via web browser at www.YourDomain.com\cpanel. Click on Email Accounts. Click the “More” drop down to the far right and choose “Configure Email Client”. You will be presented with a series of downloadable scripts to properly configure the appropriate client. Or use the “Secure SSL/TLS Settings” in the gray dialog box to manually configure your client or phone.

Why does cPanel look different? I like the old look better. Can I use that instead?

The old theme in cPanel is being discontinued in early 2017. Rather than dealing with the change then, we decided to bite the bullet and make that change as part of the migration. (We liked the old look better too!)

I have not had backup services with Oxford Networks before. When are backups performed? Can I change the time my site does its backup?

Backups of your data are scheduled each day in the hours after midnight. We are unable to specify a time for a particular site.

How long are backups saved?

We keep 8 consecutive days, 3 consecutive Sundays and the first day of the previous month.

I want longer backup retention. Can I keep more backups?

We do not provide additional backup storage as part of our hosting service. However, you can download and save older backups at any time. If you wish to save them within your site, you may do so but that data will count toward your data quota.

How do I configure backups?

They are pre-configured. As soon as your site is migrated, your data will be backed up on the schedule listed in this FAQ.

How do I do a restore from backup?

Oxford Networks’ free hosting backup is self-service. You can check our resource pages for instructions. You can also do a web search as we have not altered the basic cPanel functionality in order to make support easier. You can also call Oxford Networks Customer Service or Technical Support; however they will only be able to verbally instruct you. They cannot do a restore for you.

Will my email password change?

It will eventually. Below is some specific information based on your platform:

If you are on our cPanel service already, then your old password will work on the new site. However, you will be forced to change it within 45 days. You can change it sooner and we recommend you do so as you will need to change your email applications settings anyway.

If you were on our Plesk hosting service, then your old password will work on the new site. However, you will be forced to change it within 45 days.

If you were using our ONmail service (Bluetie), then you will be given an initial password that must be changed with your first login. You should do this via the webmail interface. Make the changes to your email application only after you have reset your password in the web portal.

Why does my password have to be so complex?

Email in the 21st century is fraught with complex issues involving spam and malware. We have chosen what is considered a secure but not onerously restrictive option through cPanel to mitigate both Oxford Networks and our customers’ risk.

What makes for a good password?

  • Create a unique password. Don’t use the same password for multiple accounts.
  • Change your password regularly or at least annually.
  • Never ever email a password unless the email is encrypted.
  • Make your password strong. Longer is better – period. Make all passwords at least 8 characters; 12 or more is recommended.
  • Include upper and lower case letters, numbers and characters. And don’t ignore ~ ” ]
  • Avoid dictionary words.
  • Do not use dates associated with your family (birthdays, anniversaries).
  • Do not use numbers associated with you or your family (street address, zip, phone).

McAfee Email Security tips: McAfee Security Advice Center

Where can I get more information?

Email the migration team at migration@oxfordnetworks.com