Virtual Desktop / VDI

Eliminate the constant cycle of having to buy and upgrade PCs and provide labor-intensive support. Instead, unleash the power of the cloud for your company’s desktop needs.


What happens to your company if a user loses a laptop with sensitive data? Can you be certain that your users are complying with your security policies? Companies using desktop virtualization in Oxford Networks’ cloud can reduce the complexity of compliance. They can also rest easy knowing that lost or stolen physical devices, like laptops or tablets, are no longer a major business risk that could cost the organization millions if a data breach occurs.

Your Help Desk Just Got Better

You know the pain involved in supporting your users’ desktops. Stop the endless cycle and start thinking in a new way: desktop in the cloud.

  • Reduce the countless PC support issues that bog down your help desk
  • Create a golden image desktop for configuration and application management
  • Troubleshoot users’ desktop problems faster and easier, allowing your IT support staff and end users to get back to work quickly
  • Seamless integration with Windows AD and other Oxford Networks cloud solutions

Control and Reduce Desktop Costs

IT costs aren’t just about trimming budgets. They’re also about forging a new path. Many studies show that Desktop Infrastructure as a Service (DIaaS) can achieve a lower total cost of ownership by as much as 50%.

How does DIaaS reduce your costs?

  • Enjoy longer refresh cycle on laptops and PCs, or use more cost-effective thin clients
  • Reduce IT labor costs associated with help desk / PC support
  • Simplify your approach to physical security surrounding sensitive data

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) & Productivity

Support the growing trend of “work any time, anywhere” while still controlling business applications and securing sensitive data. A virtual windows desktop can be used on PCs, thin clients, tablets (including iPads) and even mobile devices.

What is a virtual desktop?

  • Your actual Windows Desktop resides on a server in the cloud and not on your local computer
  • Users experience the same look/feel as a normal Windows desktop, but really they’re just viewing it in the cloud and not on their desktop
  • Compatible with iPad, Android, HTML5 (browser), thin clients, old PCs/laptops etc.
  • Devices become less important (i.e. less to manage for IT)
  • Minimal loss of productivity if device fails
  • Allow your employees to work any time on any device while providing a seamless user experience

Why VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure)?

  • Secure
  • Enable mobility to improve productivity
  • Lengthen PC/laptop refresh cycle (save money)
  • Reduce labor hours spent managing/troubleshooting desktops  (Ease of management)