Cloud and Data Center Overview

Global data center traffic is expected to grow threefold from 2012 to 2017, while global cloud traffic will grow 4.5-fold over the same period. Companies are moving to the cloud to gain productivity, reduce cost and improve uptime. Oxford Networks has the network, data centers and cloud computing infrastructure to make these benefits of cloud a reality for your organization.

We Have What IT Directors Want

  • Products that solve real problems so your IT staff can focus their talents on more important work
  • Solutions that complement the strength of your IT staff, but don’t replace your in-house tech experts
  • Real 24×7 support (from humans that care). Try getting that from the “big compute” companies
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure with high-availability design
  • A rock-solid network that can reliably and securely connect your location(s) to mission-critical servers and sensitive data

We Have What CEOs Want

  • Help control rising technology costs by:
  • Buying what you need, when you need it (rather than always writing checks for future needs)
  • Doing away with big-ticket IT infrastructure purchases and transitioning to a leaner “as a service” operating expenses model
  • Refocus your staff and control costs by replacing hardware, support and maintenance with our cloud solutions
  • Transition your IT staff toward creating value for the company instead of operating on a break/fix model
  • Decrease risk of revenue or customer loss with a high-availability environment for backup data and disaster recovery

Oxford Networks primary data center facility is located in a former military command and control center in Brunswick, Maine. The building, once a hardened national security facility, most recently protected highly secure military data and communication systems, but has been re-purposed for private sector use and is available to secure your most valuable information.

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It was good to be working with a local partner that had the facilities to service us at a virtualized level, and provide the security and infrastructure that we needed.

Will Kilbreth

CIO, Community Health Options


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