Oxford Networks Careers Information



Are you looking for an exciting career in the tech industry? Oxford Networks is hiring!

Oxford Networks is an award winning company who has consistently been recognized as a Best Places to Work Company in Maine. Our company culture is based on our Oxford Networks Values, and is the basis for our decision making, our workplace environment, and our success as a company. We believe that people want to be great and it is our job to empower them to succeed. If we succeed, our employees, customers, shareholders and communities all win. For more information about career opportunities, see below.

Oxford Networks is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Please Note: Employment in all positions with Oxford Networks requires the successful completion of pre-employment testing and background checks, to include: Driving Record, State and Criminal Records and Drug Testing.

Oxford Networks Mission

Oxford Networks enriches the lives of people, businesses, and communities by providing innovative and reliable technology services to customers. Our team of friendly and responsive professionals deliver a unique customer experience that exceeds expectations.

Oxford Networks Vision

Oxford Networks will be the technology solutions provider of choice by: Delivering a customer experience that is responsive, customized, and exceeds expectations. Providing a company culture where talented employees enjoy challenging, rewarding, and fulfilling careers. We believe people want to be great and we empower our employees to succeed. Investing in the communities we serve through technology and support of organizations who work to improve the quality of life. Maximizing shareowner value through execution of sound business strategies.

Oxford Networks Values

Integrity - Oxford Networks adheres to a strict moral and ethical code of business behavior.

Truth - We value honesty and transparency in all our interactions.

Risk Taking - Healthy risk taking is encouraged for the well being of the organization.

Uniqueness - Oxford Networks is receptive to new ideas and new ways of thinking in order to be sustainably unique.

Selflessness - We are generous with praise, resources, and support for customers, employees and our communities.

Trust - Oxford Networks creates a culture of trust where employees, customers, and stakeholders are treated with respect.